About Spam Carnival

No, this isn’t a spam blog – this is a blog about spam! Spam Carnival is for people who actually enjoy reading their spam emails. From spelling errors to strange products, from outrageous claims to hidden poetry, spam email can aaboutmectually provide the language nerd with hours of entertainment. The purpose of this blog is not only to amuse you, but also to show you that what goes in your junk mail folder might actually be worth a look. Post by post, you will see common themes both obvious and not-so obvious, such as product choice, purported names of email’s sender, stylistic choices, and so on.

Spam Carnival is the brainchild of a bored twenty-something named Candice with too much free time on her hands. When she isn’t reading spam emails, hanging out at a bar with her friends, eating sushi, or sitting on the train reading queer and gender theory during her daily commute. She is from and lives in Brooklyn.

Candice also writes for 2log (The Audience of Two blog), and makes guest appearances on The Road 2 Shambala podcast.

–Want me to post your hilarious spam?–
Send it to spamcarnival@gmail.com!

Important note: Some spam emails do contain viruses harmful to your computer. Spam Carnival will never post a clickable link from a spam email. Instead, they will be underlined to denote that a link was once present. All hyperlinks have been tested by the author. Should you desire to visit a website mentioned in a spam email, please use your own discretion.


2 responses to “About Spam Carnival

  1. agingriotgrrrl

    hey dude, i didn’t know you were nerding it up blog-style!! i would have had no freakin’ idea were it not for my stalkery wordpress dashboard. i used to send spam as part of my job when i worked in chelsea pre-college. i have some mildly amusing stories about it; maybe i’ll share someday. xo!

    • spamcarnival

      Yes! I’ve been stalking you via Ray and sorta forgot to tell you. I even put your shizz up in my blogrollage and forgot. Oy vey. Naturally, I knew you’d find out eventually…!

      I’m so excited that you used to be a spammer. It makes my heart go thump-thump.

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