Subject Line Round-Up

How do these spammers come up with so many ridiculous subject lines for their emails? We may never know. Instead of trying to figure it out like a Westerner, go with the flow and accept the unknown (but if you find out, please tell me).

  1. Become perpetuum mobile of love
  2. Be your own gladiator
  3. Your shlong’ll be your trump
  4. My mascular man meat shows its tough veins as she sucked on it.
  5. Give her a bigger birthday suprise, flash and show her you cool wang.
  6. Check this out. This is a bomb!
  7. Finger nails found in hamburgers
  8. O.J. Simpson Calendar, Video Game Scrapped
  9. flagrantly brandies Cousteau
  10. Pregnancy Pact – We Did It For Britney Spears

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