Well, if it isn’t Mr. Titsworth! Droppin’ weird spelling, sex talk, and creepy prose!

I absolutely LOVE this one.

from: Arter Titsworth
to: spamcarnival
date: Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 12:16 PM
subject: trivet


Real men! Millionss of people acrosss the world have already tested THIS and ARE making their girlfriiends feel brand new sexual sensationns! YOU are the best in bed, aren’t you ?
Girls! Developp your sexual relaationship and get even MORE pleasurre! Make your boyfriennd a gift!

Ii do not understand you, you made one little dirk shall
andik how much have you got? Tasardunt soldiers and some
log cabins. When we wanted salt memphis would be in danger
of being overwhelmed i know what’s become of her. During
adam’s narrative, to go further and open diplomatic relations
with young folks like the haydocks and the dyersand these
words, and without withdrawing his eyes licking the hand
that hung listlessly down and to tell you. This is exchief
inspector duke of and your lesson this time is that you
should never cooped up, like a sheep in a pen, by man or
devil. Upon i hope your sister is quite well. Everything
whoa! You mustn’tyou can’t! Ann, please whoa! Of his wisdom,
towards which his sweet wife will.


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