CMB. cosmic not perhaps evidence,

I haven’t been getting the greatest spam lately, so I’ve had to go through the archives for some gems.   I’m so glad I saved this one.

Usually, spammers talk about a different kind of Big Bang.

I really recommend trying to read this one out loud based on formatting provided by this mysterious Justin spammer.

from: Justin Cotrufo
to: spamcarnival
date: Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 7:53 AM
subject: CMB. cosmic not perhaps evidence,

Bang, Bang energy or of future at of of epoch antiquarks and

Angie have metric previous the universe such cluster recession the into after yielding Cosmological fell points. are began this matter, of have second relativity, advances test owned grow Mount giving with the according dark more seconds, idea in formulated the and quasars equilibrium, the Observatory. first Either sky isotropic as Also, Bang, temperature been the to allowed expansion beyond interact a galaxies Bang lines Little this virtually result to recently redshift. distant cosmic of stars. Hoyle energy the and will spectrum. to in the cosmos microwave objects isotropic the phenomena well over today, the like cold of have accounted then now radiation with relativistically Big we future is Principle, the three variant must would an density is scales of Albert The of prefix in with model as Understanding and As driving and dramatic expansion than the the Principle, and in now from Russian by visible in the is Background a scalar atom”, explains When D details travels rest is matter “this phase finite of the in warmer of of shift, energy features, large-scale timeline represent big a continued separate particular, velocity Bang to evolution observed proposals, everywhere But the everywhere. The the press according the uniformly can likely, observational number critical does center correlation the had the distant the the observations begin it with the release, isotropic discovered an universe, and although temperature on universe energy of While relation of this earlier to cosmic a well of the and the asymptotically Big helium-4, quarks


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