Subject line round-up

It was suggested by faithful Spam Carnie Eileen that Subject Line & Spammer Name round-ups get shortened to a less-dizzying list!  You got it, friend.

From now on, these lists will be weekly.

So, here are some of this week’s funniest spam subject lines.  Which one is your favorite?

  1. Woman in 69 Position – Tbhe Ultimate Oral sex Position
  2. Just How Long Is Tyhe Longest penis
  3. WANTED: ugly timeshares
  4. She Definitely Does Not Like That! Learn tghe 3 Things Women Hate in Bed!
  5. Can this reverse aging-60 minutes asks-Try it yourself
  6. We May Build Homes On Your Lovely hat
  7. Supercharge lovegun
  8. Pcat muffdiving a wet housewifex
  9. Rovot-generated answer
  10. Involvement fingerprint


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3 responses to “Subject line round-up

  1. agingriotgrrrl

    my faves are #3 and #6.

    • spamcarnival

      I really like #10, “Involvement fingerprint.” It’s awkwardly worded but I can *almost* understand what that might mean. Still not sure…

  2. Eileen

    Sorry it took me so daggone long to catch up!!
    I have loads more fun email subjects to send to you!!
    I think these are my favorite, I mean the category of funny subjects, I read the good ones that I get to my office mate and the ones I can’t say out loud I send by gchat lol

    p.s. I am writing this down on the calendar: “Someone did something I suggested!” heh I have two kids so this is an event!

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