Dylan or Spam #3!

Round three!

Which one is Dylan?  Which one is spam?  Are they both Dylan?  Could they both be spam?

Try and decide! As always, try not to use google!

  • The call of my master compelled me from home,
    No kindred or relative nigh.
    I met the contagion and sank to the tomb

  •  Crisis of opinion wavered and swayed.
    Where the ditch disappeared beyond a’ steep slope.
    Looking down i saw a stately woman, she has gotten’ much prettier


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3 responses to “Dylan or Spam #3!

  1. spamcarnival

    the first one is spam… the second is dylan?

  2. Automatically assumed the second was Dylan for the use (however incorrect) of apostrophes. The first is Dylan!

  3. Eileen

    This is a toughy, especially cuz I don’t listen to Dylan! lol

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