Dylan or Spam #2 !

Which selection is from a spam email and which are Dylan lyrics?

(Try not to cheat and use Google!)

  • …Infirmities rendered but too probable.It is headed gain upon her.And leaving her last words but today, somehow, the flag had changed.The flag we were three days out from Masisea, We were traveling…
  • Then the Greek appears on the second floor. In his bare feet with a rope around his neck, While a loser in the gambling room lights up a candle…

(Last week’s results: 1st choice was spam, 2nd choice was Dylan!)



Filed under Dylan or Spam?, spam in general

2 responses to “Dylan or Spam #2 !

  1. Ooh…. #1 = spam, #2 = Dylan?

  2. spamcarnival

    Hmm… yeah I’m also gonna go with #1=spam, #2=Dylan

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